Diamond Valley Korea

A cyberpunk RPG game rewards Google Play Korea’s most loyal gamers.

  • Playable
  • Bespoke Storyline
  • Cyberpunk

To reward Google Play Korea’s most loyal gamers, PHQ helped create a fully custom RPG game with two hours worth of content and easter eggs to explore.

Diamond Valley imagines a perfect shimmering world where intelligent robots live alongside humans. The Role-Playing Game genre inspires a lot of nostalgic affection among keen gamers, so it was important to get the experiential details right. As they moved through the levels they discovered an evolving mystery rooted in the very context of the world itself.

As a result this classic 8 bit cyberpunk RPG game delivered over 300% of our audience KPI of attracting High Value Users - over 64,000 players, who played for a total of 36,000 hours, over 4 weeks.

In addition, every game-play earned our players entries into draws that gave away desirable prizes including Google Play Points and Google hardware devices. VIP visitors were recognised with more entries and access to the greater rewards.


  • Intuitive Registration
  • Narrative World
  • Nostalgic Gameplay

A Dream Brief

  • Game technology
  • Rewards
  • VIP Tier

From the very beginning, the brief from Google Play Korea was the kind of opportunity we dream about.


Working with the Korean agency, Muchang, we started with an open brief to shape the narrative and art direction.


Prototyping was a key part of this project, allowing us to ideate, test and iterate quickly, exploring a lot of conceptual territory.

Tech & Art Pipeline

It was extremely important to establish an artist/development pipeline that allowed for collaboration and updates. We used Pixi.js in combination with Tiled map editor to easily build maps that would be directly parsed, rendered and implemented into the game environment.


In real-time, players were able to see other players, moving their characters around the game, increasing the sense of a community event.

Mini Games

Beyond talking to NPCs, navigating levels and collecting diamonds, we also built-in puzzle and reflex mini games into the overarching game narrative.


With a comprehensive digital asset campaign, we promoted the game-event to a wide audience of Korean gamers.


  • Nostalgia
  • Playability
  • Mystery
Diamond Valley Korea
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Diamond Valley | Google Play Korea - 2023 Showreel

To reward Google Play Korea’s most high-value gamers, we helped produce an RPG game with two hours worth of content and easter eggs to explore.

Diamond Valley imagines a world where intelligent robots live alongside humans. But mystery lurks within and all is not as it seems.

Getting the experiential details of the RPG right was important in igniting the sense of nostalgic affection that gamers have for the genre.

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