YouTube Delivery

A year-long engagement program that kept YouTube Korea’s core partners engaged and excited about what the platform could do for them.

Content Hub

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  • Cyclical, Gamified Strategy
  • Physical and Digital
  • Unique Look and Feel
  • Updateable Content Modules

The 2022 YouTube Delivery Campaign invited partners to register for an exclusive year-long journey with YouTube. When each quarter, a physical delivery arrived, the recipient was encouraged online to discover new content, games, and quizzes. Over the year a public scoreboard tracked the partners with the greatest content engagement.

For brands in Korea, YouTube offers a lot of potential value. From valuable education and insight on consumers and the trends they’re driven by, to actual advertising formats and strategies that can help move the needle. To help brand partners keep abreast of all this information, we created a four-part content platform that parcelled out educational videos, games, quizzes and more across the year.

Once registered, our partners were prompted with bespoke physical delivery boxes. Online they earned scoreboard points by consuming content and successfully completing games and quizzes. The cyclical, gamified strategy helped develop up-to-date, empowered brand partners, able to forge great new partnerships with the YouTube platform.


  • Content Program
  • Physical Deliveries
  • Quarterly Launches
  • Digital Hub
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Multiple Content Forms

  • Playable Games
  • Educational Quizzes
  • Statistical Insights

The open structure of the program allowed us to combine multiple different content formats. With various ways to absorb information we were able to give more types of learners a richer understanding of the subject matter.

Comparison of desktop and mobile game screens

Racer game

In a classic arcade style, players collected coins and answered questions about funnel insights.

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Live leaderboard

We celebrated engagement and achievement with a live-tally of our most committed and successful users.

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Simple interaction

The audience was able to tap and scroll quickly through sections, picking up insights and learnings as they went.


  • Quarterly Updates
  • Points Tracking
  • Incentivised Engagement
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YouTube Delivery
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Case Study - 2022 Showreel

To educate and inspire brand partners, YouTube Delivery were looking for a cyclical, gamified, content platform that could share a large amount of information. The resulting campaign utilised both physical and digital assets to connect and successively reconnect with brand partners, enriching their knowledge and capability.

Covering topics like consumer insights, trends and the full-funnel potential of YouTube, the program was about developing partners who were more empowered and excited to create results-driven campaigns.

With a huge number of metrics and insights available, staying on top of current thought is a massive task for any marketer. By being part of their personal growth, YouTube Korea was able to position themselves as the ideal partner for their brand’s growth too.

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