The Inter-Yeti

A free digital storybook, narrated by Stan Walker, that teaches our tamariki about online safety.

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Yeti at laptop
  • Online Safety
  • Caring for Tamariki
  • Recognising Unsafe Situations

Being a parent or caregiver in the digital age can be challenging. The internet is a great place to connect, learn, play games and watch videos, but it also has dangers. For rangatahi in our country, these threats can be quite hard to understand and know how to respond to.

‘The Inter-Yeti’ is a digital storybook created to help children learn about staying safe online. Covering topics such as online bullying, upsetting and inappropriate content, online grooming, and the sharing of private or personal information, it helps kids 5-11 understand the risks of digital environments.

For parents, caregivers, and teachers, ‘The Inter-Yeti’ acts as a great conversation starter, raising awareness and empowering kids and adults alike in recognising and reacting to unsafe situations on the web.


  • Exploration Phase
  • Character Development
  • Personifying Digital Dangers
  • Inviting Aesthetic Design
Story screen showing yeti on laptop

Creating The Story

  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Easy to Follow Story Beats
  • Teaching Tool

To develop the interactive storybook, we wanted to balance an engaging story with meaningful moments of learning.

Story screen explaining navigation

Explorable interaction

In creating moments of freedom and play we encouraged exploration of our story scenes.

Story screen with three options for user to choose


At key moments, children were invited to make decisions and compare the consequences between different options.

Story screen showing yeti encountering a strange creature

Metaphorical representation

Using kid-friendly characters, sophisticated concepts were introduced to our young audience.

Story screen showing yeti in boat followed by mermaid character

A series of lessons

Delivered in a simple, sequential structure a broad range of topics were covered.


  • Likeability
  • Expansive
  • Safe Site
  • Case Study
Dim screenshot of yeti in dark forest
The Inter-Yeti
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Case Study - 2022 Showreel

The Inter-Yeti is a free digital storybook that uses a fictional, interactive narrative to teach kids about the dangers of online bullying, upsetting and inappropriate content, online grooming, and the sharing of private or personal information.

Learning about how to stay safe on the internet is vital for kids today, however the dangers can be very hard for our rangatahi to understand. With New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs, we created an online world where children could learn how to recognise and think about certain digital threats.

Utilising an engaging main character and a gorgeous world design, the story unfolded, inviting kids to explore, make decisions and see the consequences of all their options. Throughout the 107-page, 5-chapter journey, kids were charmed, entertained, and most importantly, educated.

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