The joys of discovering hidden gems in your neighbourhood are promoted in a dedicated platform.

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  • Fostering Local Discovery
  • Microsite Delivery
  • Localisation For Japan

The Covid-19 lockdowns brought disruption to the routines of people and businesses all over Japan. As working-from-home grew in popularity, Google wanted to help small businesses and their most likely customers by fostering a sense of locality and the treasures that could be just around the corner.

Kinjo is a neighbourhood focussed social campaign that promotes exploring and finding small businesses and other features in your local area using Google Search and Google Maps. Supported by content from influencers, it gives a platform for raising the profile of independent butchers, bakeries, bars, restaurants and boutiques.

We built the microsite with a minimal, stylised take on Google’s guidelines, celebrating community landscapes in simple animation.


  • Celebrating Community
  • Independent Businesses
  • A Sharing Platform

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