Kingdom Choir

A web platform that explores singers and how they come together in the Kingdom Choir.

Live Site

Group portrait of the Kingdom Choir
  • Innovative Audio Representative
  • Audio Layering Options
  • Interactive Web Platform

The Kingdom Choir is one of the UK’s highest profile gospel groups. For over 20 years they’ve been performing all over the country, even singing at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. To celebrate the individual artists who come together in the group, we created an interactive site that profiles them and their talents.

Showcasing the choir’s latest release, the website gave us a chance to focus attention on the myriad of different artists who make up what has become a nationally-recognisable sound.

In the central presentation we visualised site audio with dots and lines tracking the pitches of the choir’s tenor, alto and soprano singers. From these colours you could then identify the singers themselves and click to explore their individual aspirations, inspirations and influences.


  • Connecting Personalities To The Sound
  • Making The Choir Accessible
  • Celebrating Individual Contributions
Site page with a video encouraging viewers to meet the voices behind the music

Playing With Sound

  • Colour Legend
  • Live Pitch Graphical Representation
  • Audio And Visual Harmony

Visually depicting the tracks on the release was a great way to get people thinking about the sound as a compilation of elements.

Site page showing the choir members arrayed in a circle with an individual profiled in the centre

Sound Layering

Controls gave people the ability to separate the vocal tracks from the instrumental backing and explore both elements.

Site page showing the choir members arrayed in a circle and their vocal contributions as curving lines

Circular Audio Tracking

Around a central rotation point, we tracked the vocal pitches of the soprano, alto and tenor components.

Site page showing the choir members arrayed in a circle

Instrumental Representation

A subtle background texture pulsed and glowed, visualising the contribution of the backing instrumentals.

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