Limboo Game

A fun retro-inspired platform game built by PHQ for Halloween.


  • Quirky
  • Nostalgic
  • Challenging

Escape Limboo! Climb the candy factory between the universes by flipping between realms til you reach the ultimate sugar-high! PHQ has its latest annual Halloween treat to share with you.

It happened. You overdid it on sugar. And because it happened on the sugariest night of all - Halloween, your soul has awoken from your sugar-coma at the candy factory between the universes. Your only hope to escape this limbo is to climb the factory, flipping between realms til you reach the ultimate sugar-high!

Using simple keyboard controls to run, jump and flip realities, players guide their characters up a creepy candy-factory environment to the very top.


  • Creative
  • Idiosyncratic
  • Conceptual

Making It Fun

  • Sound Design
  • Level Design
  • Game Technology

To make a game that’s fun, memorable and engagingly re-playable, we wanted to strike the right balance between challenge and reward.


With two ‘alternate realities’ to switch between, players need to navigate between map elements to make certain jumps and climbs. It’s an interesting challenge for players and was also for our design and technical team to pull off in the build.

Level Design

Tiled was used to create and design our levels. Early prototypes were built as a proof of concept for the realm switching function. After that the main challenge was designing the two realms to work together in a way that was challenging without becoming frustrating.

Game Technology

We used Pixi.js in combination with Tiled map editor to easily build maps that would be directly parsed, rendered and implemented into the game environment. Specific tilemap blocks and Tiled parameters were used to define game functionality including collision detection, spawn points and end points.


  • Spooky
  • Tricky
  • Fun
Limboo Game
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Limboo - 2023 Showreel

See if you can top the leaderboard and master the realms!

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