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A dynamic new website for New Zealand’s most awarded tertiary institution for creative and digital technology.

Live Site

Composition of different site pages
  • Dynamically Engaging
  • Considered Content Flow
  • Easily Navigable

When your reputation is built on creative and digital technology there’s a lot of expectation on your online presence. The New Zealand Media Design School tasked us with relaunching their website to create an exciting and engaging new space, that was also easily navigable for enrolment of both national and international students.

Choosing a tertiary education institution has always been a big moment, and these days it generally means a lot of time spent online researching different schools. The Media Design School site needed to hold a comprehensive amount of information from all the different courses and disciplines it offers, to details about the physical campus environments.

Balancing a global brand approach, we built the site to create an as-intuitive-as-possible navigation.

It was important also to look carefully at the enrolment process, and we ensured advanced automation improved the experience for both English-first and English-second language speakers.


  • Welcoming And Exciting
  • Quick To Discover
  • Creative Technical Flair
3D render of spark logo against a yellow background

Making It Work

  • Intuitive And Responsive
  • Logical Flow
  • Local And Foreign Students

In order to create a durable, practical asset for the school, key functionalities had to be built into the site.

Various content pages


Articles, schedules, staff profiles and other details all needed to be easily edited by the school themselves.

Composition of mobile layout pages

Mobile friendly

In recognition of the prevalence of internet usage on mobile devices, the navigation needed to be easily traversed on a small screen.

Composition of different site pages showing Maori language

Te Reo

As part of the school’s efforts to support the use of Māori language, it was important to make it a part of the website.


  • Site Overview
  • Revamping Functionality
  • Trustworthy Design
Dim screenshot of a group of abstract 3D characters
MDS Website
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To represent the spectrum of courses and specialities available through the school, we combined multiple 2D and 3D visual styles.

Supported by more traditional content-article forms, the site conveys a feeling of dynamism, flair and the kind of considered thought you expect of a tertiary institution.

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